The Newton County Library System is accepting bids for the following projects:



E-Rate Category 2 - FY2020 - Associated USAC RFP # 90389, 470 # 200018227



Question: Will there be any liftgate delivery or inside delivery needed for any of the branches for the bid?

Answer: All the libraries are one level (floor) and do not have a loading dock. Racks will need to be lowered to ground level from the delivery vehicle. Inside delivery is preferred but not necessary.

Question:Is a UPS unit required at the Newborn branch for the Firewall?

Answer: No. Newborn branch has a new UPS to its Firewall this year already.

Question: Regarding the UPS units, do you require remote management or SNMP access for the units? If so, USAC will fund a network management card as long as the UPS model includes it compared to ordering a separate stand-alone network card. The APC units that include the card are SMT2200RM2UNC, SMT3000RM2UNC, and SMT1500RM2UNC.

Answer: The UPS examples listed, on the 470, do have basic network access using SMARTCONNECT. Network managed/viewed enabled UPS are desired.

Question:Do any of the 3 sites have a loading dock for delivery?

Answer: None of the branches have a loading dock. All our buildings are one floor or located on the first floor. All items can be delivered to our headquarters at the Covington Branch (7116 Floyd Street NE, Covington, GA 30014).

Question: What is required for “initial configuration” beyond a management IP address?

Firewall - IP/Network configuration, about 20 ACLs, VPN
Switches - Managed IP setup, Stack Setup, VLANs (approx 8)
APs - Depends on the make and vendor. Needs to validate and work with Evergreen ILS and SIP2 protocols.

Question: Will existing configurations be provided for initial configurations of the firewall, switches and APs?

Answer: Yes. Existing configurations can be provided for initial configurations of the firewall, switches and APs, to the winning bid.

Question: Regarding the access points, can you provide details on how Evergreen ILS validates users? Is Evergreen ILS the “master” of user accounts or does it connect to another directory service like Windows Active Directory using LLDP?

Answer: Evergreen ILS uses 3m SIP2 protocols to validate users over a SIP Socket. Evergreen ILS is the "master" of the user accounts. The example (Adtran Bluesocket) in the 470's RFP does work with Evergreen ILS and SIP2. Any access point (Adtran or equivolent) must work with Evergreen ILS and SIP2 validation.
More on SIP2 and Evergreen's use of SIP

Question:Is there any way questions and answers could be posted before 3/10 so anyone could be able to ask follow up questions before the 3/10 due date?

Answer: Sure! Here they are on 3/2/2020.

DELIVERY - July 1, 2020