What is a HOLD?

A hold is reserving an item. Place a "hold" when the item is checked out or when it is only available through another PINES library.

What is a HOME Library?

Home Library is usually the library where you opened your PINES account. It can be changed at anytime, just ask library staff.

Holds Facts

If the Newton County Library System is your home library then books, audiobooks, movies, and music can be placed on hold.

You will only be able to borrow books from other PINES libraries and they must have been at that library for at least 6 months.

Usually a hold is placed on an item when it is not on the shelf and available.

When the item you placed a hold on becomes available for you to take home you will be notified by email or telephone. The choice is yours.

How To Place a Hold

There are several ways to place holds:

  1. On a computer outside the library:
    • Locate the item in the PINES catalog,
    • Click "Place Hold",
    • Log into your library account,
    • Verify your account information including email address and/or telephone number
    • Click on "Place Hold" button
    • A successful action will be rewarded with a message that the hold has been placed.
  2. On a computer inside the library:
  3. Holds may be placed using the inside PINES Catalog computers or the general use computers. Just follow the directions above.
  4. You may telephone the library at 770-787-3231 and we will be glad to place the hold for you.
  5. If you are in the library, please visit the Check Out desk, Children's desk, or Information desk for assistance in placing holds. You will need the title and author of the item plus your library card.