Loan Periods & Renewals

Material Type Loan Period Renewal Periods
Books 14 Days Renewed Twice
Audio Books 14 Days Renewed Twice
Music 14 Days Renewed Twice
DVDs 7 Days No Renewals
Video Tapes 14 Days Renewed Twice
Books, Audio Books, Videos, & Music ON HOLD 14 Days No Renewal

Most materials may be checked out for 14 days and may be renewed twice if the item has not been placed on hold by another patron. DVDs may be checked out for 7 days but may not be renewed.
Items on hold cannot be renewed.


You can renew items in person, by telephone or over the web.
To renew items in person, bring your library card and item into the Library.
To renew over the telephone call us at 770-787-3231 and have your library card number and know what items you want to renew.
To renew over the web go to the PINES catalog at You will need to login using your library card number and PIN. If you do not have your PIN please ask for it the next time you are at the Library. PINs can only be given out in person after identity verification.

The first time you login to the library catalog you must change your PIN to a secure password. You will then have the ability to change your username, your password, and contact information.