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What is PINES?

A program of the Georgia Public Library Service Georgia Library PINES (Public Information Network for Electronic Services) is the public library automation and lending network for more than 275 libraries and affiliated service outlets in almost 140 counties in the State of Georgia.

PINES creates a statewide "borderless library" that provides equal access to information for all Georgians. With a PINES library card Georgians have access to materials beyond what is available on their local shelves and enjoy the benefits of a shared collection of 9.6 million books and other materials that can be delivered to their home library free of charge.

PINES Member Libraries

PINES is composed of most of the public library systems in Georgia, including the libraries in Conyers and Social Circle.

How Do Georgia Residents Benefit from PINES?

Any resident of Georgia may obtain a free PINES card at any PINES library. About 903,000 registered PINES users currently have access to more than 7.4 million items through a web-based online library catalog. The online catalog allows ease of real-time borrowing between libraries, with an average of 1,500 - 2,000 items shipped between PINES libraries every day, at no charge to the library user. In addition to requesting materials through the online catalog, Georgia residents can also use the same PINES library card to borrow materials in person at any PINES library across the state. You may also return materials to any PINES library no matter from which PINES library it was borrowed.

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