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The Newton County Library System is accepting bids for the following projects:



RFP for a VOIP Telephone System -Intent to Respond due December 16, 2022, with proposals accepted until 11:00 a.m. (EST) Wednesday, January 11, 2023, EXTENDED to 11:00 a.m. (EST) Wednesday, January 18, 2023.

Questions and Answers for VOIP Telephone System RFP

Q1. Do you have existing Microsoft 365 licenses? If yes, please state a count.

A1. No

Q2. What is the Total Number of users who need to be set up with Teams Phone System?

A2. If this is Microsoft Teams, then No.

Q3. Do you require a Contact Center (Call Center)? How many users will be enabled for Contact Center?

A3. No

Q4. Do you require Call Recording? Is Call Recording needed for Contact Center users only or for other users too?

A4. No

Q5. Does the solution need integration with the existing phone system?

A5. No

Q6. Does the proposed solution need to support analog devices? What is the total count of analog devices? Are they mostly Fax and Card Readers or do they have analog phones too?

A6. See RFP

Q7. Please share the number of devices that would require analog connectors for Paging.

A7. None

Q8. Where are your Customer Emails hosted?

A8. G-Suite

Q9. What is the name of your existing Telecom Provider? Are you open to switching providers?

A9. AT&T, Yes.

Q10. Approximately how many Phone numbers need to be ported?

A10. See RFP

Q11. Are there any other 3rd Party Integrations needed?

A11. See RFP

Q12. In your solution requirements, you stipulate that the solution should ‘utilize a non-specific service provider’. Can you clarify or elaborate on what that means in this context? By service provider do you mean equipment brand or are you looking to use multiple service providers for this request?

A12. The equipment should use VOIP standards and be able to be used with other service providers in the future.

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