Free WiFi

FreeWiFi-262x300Free NCLS WiFi is available inside the library and in the library parking lot at Covington and Porter Memorial locations.

What do I need?

A valid PINES library card.

How Do I Connect?

  • Turn on your wireless function
  • Choose “Newton County Library System” (at the Covington Branch) or “Porter Memorial Library” (at the Porter Memorial Branch) 
  • When connected our wi-fi page will appear
  • Login using your library card 14 digit  barcode number and your PIN or password

How long does my Wireless connection last?

Time is unlimited, but the wireless connection will expire after 15 minutes after inactive use.

Is my access filtered or unfiltered?

Due to state and federal requirements, ALL NCLS library networks, including WI-FI must be filtered.

Security: While the Library takes reasonable measures to ensure a safe and secure network, each individual is responsible for the security of their own personal information and personal device. 

Please be sure to take measures to safeguard your information by using virus protection, firewall, back-ups and other protection measures.