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Stone Soup Book Club

Past Reading Theme:

Holiday Seasoning

October 1 – December 31, 2022

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Name: GV Theme: Christmas
Book Title: Dear Santa: Children’s Christmas Letters And Wish Lists, 1870-1920 Book Author: Mary Harrell-Sesniak
Rating: 5 Star Rating Date Finished: 12/30/22
Book Review:

This is a delightful non-fiction book with 125 actual letters to Santa from 1870-1920. It breaks the time periods down in 9-10 year increments. At the beginning of each section, it tells about what is going on in the world and how it affects the children and their requests. It’s quite amazing how self-less the children were. Some asked Santa to bring gifts to the “orphans” and “children of war”. Some children even said they would do without if Santa didn’t have enough to go around. Almost every child asked for fruit and nuts, along with their other gifts. You could tell from the letters how respect had been included in their upbringing. They had respect for their elders, their siblings and other children who was less fortunate. It was refreshing but also a bit sad to read this book because I couldn’t help comparing the difference to the present time.

Dear Santa: Children's Christmas Letters and Wish Lists 1870-1920



Name: Ayana Theme: Cats
Book Title: Warriors: Yellowfang’s Secret Book Author: Erin Hunter
Rating: 5 Star Rating Date Finished: 11/02/22
Book Review:

Heven! or Starclan

Warriors: Yellowfang's Secret



Name: Meredith C. Theme: Scary
Book Title: The Troop Book Author: Nick Cutter
Rating: 5 Star Rating Date Finished: 10/01/22
Book Review:

This was truly a disturbing read, but so well-written and compelling… absolutely a page-turner. If you don’t like gore or body horror, stay far, far away from this book. But if you are a horror fan, this one is a must read!

The Troop



Name: GV Theme: November/Thanksgiving
Book Title: The Power of Thank You Book Author: Neil Gaiman
Rating: 5 Star Rating Date Finished: 12/01/22
Book Review:

This is a faith-based book that helps cultivate a mindset of gratitude. I’ve heard it said that gratitude and anxiety can not exist simultaneously. Even though I picked this book for November with a Thanksgiving theme, an attitude of gratitude should be practiced year-round. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It helped to remind me how much I have to be thankful for—every single day.

The Power of Thank You by Joyce Meyer



Name: G. Theme: October / Halloween
Book Title: The Graveyard Book Book Author: Neil Gaiman
Rating: 5 Star Rating Date Finished: 11/12/22
Book Review:

I am not a fan of “horror” stories so I chose this award winning book by Neil Gaiman. It was the story of a young toddler who was raised by ghosts in a graveyard after his parents and sister were murdered. Aside from the murder, it was actually a delightful story of how this child was protected and nurtured all the way to manhood. I highly recommend it!

The Graveyard Book


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